Vision, mission and values


We ensure required quality standards and keep commitment to customers.

As a basic principle for the definition of our new products we select the best design for working purposes, combining the visual impact with ergonomic and practical elements.

Our mission is to achieve satisfaction of our customers and therefore each of our products is a unique symbiosis of first-class materials, ergonomic design and high quality European technology.



Our vision is to create a better every-day life for many people, by making products that are best suited to their needs.



Values that we build and nourish in the company are:

  • high level of developmental and technological knowledge,
  • developed industrial culture,
  • knowledge of the situation on worlds markets and
  • great loyalty of employees to the company.

Environmental responsibility

Our care for the environment is reflected in different actions, such as the possibility of changing old products with new and by producing new improved machines.

Most of our scrubber & sweeper machines are made of recycled materials, they have reduced water and power consumption, they use less chemicals, have water filter (no bags needed) and ECO filter (natural fibres).