Vision, mission and values


Ensure required quality standards and keep commitment to customers

As a basic principle for the definition of our new products we select the best design for working purposes, combining the visual impact with ergonomic and practical elements.

We have a vast range of products which contains:

  • Piston compressors
  • Screw compressors
  • Cold water high pressure cleaners (electrical, petrol engine)
  • Hot water high pressure cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaners (home, industrial)
  • Welding machines
  • Water pumps (pressure booster systems, flow pumps, submersible pumps)
  • Scrubber and sweeper machines
  • Woodworking machines
  • Snow throwers

Our mission is to achieve satisfaction of our customers and therefore each of our products is a unique symbiosis of first-class materials, ergonomic design and high quality German technology.



Rheinland Elektro Maschinen strategy in 2001 was to focus on its activities on the emerging eastern european countries creating a strong and well dedicated network with pioneer entrepreneurship of branch offices and distributors. We wanted to be represented in 25 countries.

Rheinland Elektro Maschinen strategy till 2015 is to become one of the leading brands in the field of plant and compressor technology in Europe and Middle East. We want to be represented in 50 countries.

Rheinland Elektro Maschinen policy and vision adapts to our 3 sectors of operation:

  • end consumers,
  • professional clients
  • industrial clients

The wide range of machines and accessories covers different needs of our target customers. As we are selling high quality machines for demanding customers, each of our products reflects clearly outlined reliability, durability and precision.

Our vision has been created through strategic planning. Global economy is moving towards globalization and that is why it is of great importance to think and act globally.

Our moto is to work and enjoy the premium quality of Elektro Maschinen products.



Values that we build and nourish in the company are:

  • high level of developmental and technological knowledge,
  • developed industrial culture,
  • knowledge of the situation on worlds markets and
  • great loyalty of employees to the company.

Environmental responsibility

Our care for the environment is reflected in different actions, such as the possibility of changing old products with new and by producing new improved machines with reduced water consumption and therefore reduced use of chemical packaging and chemicals themselves (ERS sistem).

Use our ecological line of products - Elektro Maschinen ECO LINE!

Parts of the machines from ECO LINE are made of recycled materials (less plastic parts are used), they have reduced water and power consumption, they use less chemicals, have water filter (no bags needed) and ECO filter (natural fibres).