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Have you ever wonder if there is a more suitable way for cleaning your car rather than a hand wash? Have you ever considered trying REM POWER high pressure cleaners?

Friday, July 20, 2018

If you care about your car´s exterior you might do it regularly by your own hands. Is there an alternative to a hand wash you might ask. Doing the task by hand wash there are only two parameters involved: water consumption and your precious time. In case you chose a high pressure cleaner two more parameters are added to the equation:  price of the cleaner and electricity consumption. So you might say, what is the hassle, everything is clear. Isn’t it?

REM POWER’s point of view:

  • Using a high pressure cleaner means lower water and time consumption thanks to better cleaning effectiveness. By using a lance with adjustable nozzle you can adjust the water pressure. No matter what kind of dirt you are dealing with, high pressure cleaner will remove it in no time.
  • By using a round brush for car rims cleaning you can save additional time. With Floor cleaner which can be adjusted to metal gun you can prevent your house facade from getting dirty.
  • You can clean your car even if there is no water distribution system available thanks to self-priming mode. All you need is a barrel full of water with a pressure where the pipe is installed of as little as 1.5 bars.
  • A REM POWER HDEm 2552 Premuim Line high pressure cleaner requires an electricity power, but thanks to low power consumption it doesn’t contribute much to overall expenses. Half an hour machine usage cost as little as 8 cents (if 2.4 kWh machine motor power and average electricity price of 0,065 EUR per kWh is taken into consideration).


If you find our arguments relevant, please visit us at or pay a visit to our wholesale partners in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Macedonia.



High Pressure Cleaner REM POWER HDEm 2552 Premium Line



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