We are a modern company, operating for more than 20 years in the European market and abroad. We have partnerships with 22 renowned factories around the world (EU and Middle East) and develop machinery and devices under our own trade mark REM POWER. 

We establish strategic partnerships and alliances with wholesalers and distributors in order to provide the best service to end customers. We treat the wholesaler and the end customer the same.

Our products desIgn is carefully planned to ensure the highest standars of economical, simple and safe usability. It is our main goal to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, therefore each and every one of our products is a unique symbiosis of  first-class materials, modern design and state-of-the-art European technology and know-how. We have a large range of products which contains:       


- High pressure cleaners (cold & hot water)

- Vacuum cleaners

- Scrubbers & Sweepers

- Compressors (piston & screw) and pneumatic tool

- Woodworking machines

- Water pumps

- Welding machines

- Lawn mowers and trimmers

- Snow throwers

- Construction machines

- Generators

- Home appliances and tools


The most important factor is that our customer support activities do not end with the purchase but continue to take place throughout the purchase process and the life cycle of the product.


Visionary mind is incorporated into our corporate culture:

-        Quality Standards

-        Commitment to Customers

-        Corporate Social Responsibility

-        Visionary Mind


The wide range of machines and accessories covers different needs of our target customers. As we sell high quality machines to demanding customers, each of our products reflects clearly outlined reliability, durability and precision. Global economy is moving towards globalization which is why it is of great importance to think and act globally.



Location / Headquarters
Poslovna cona Komenda
Pod lipami 10
1218 Komenda - Slovenia - EU

Head office for Central Europe:
Rheinland Elektro Maschinen GmbH Österreich
Bahnhofsplatz 5 TOP 9
A - 9020 Klagenfurt

Head office for Asian and Middle East market:
Dawning House 145
Connaught Road Central

Head office for South Eastern Europe:
Rheinland Elektro Maschinen SEE
Londonska 9a, MK - 1000 Skopje

We are present on different markets with our subsidiaries:

And our distributors are:

  • Romania
  • Germany
  • Macedonia
  • Greece
  • Kosovo
  • Albania
  • Bolgaria
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia
  • Turkey
  • Dubai
  • UAE
  • Egipt
  • Iran

Through the tight network of branch offices and dealers in the regions of activity and the 20 years long experience in the sector, REM POWER Skupina is able to catch the needs of the customers and transform them into products with the right features and price policy.

REM POWER POLICY and VISION adapts to our 3 sectors of operation:

  • Hobby (DIY) users
  • Professional users
  • Industrial users